3 Years of Fruit to Show

Around this time three years ago my husband and I were on our way to Denver, Colorado to celebrate our honeymoon. It was such a fun time, and a beautiful trip, but it also turned out to be an unforgettable prophetic experience as we got the opportunity to drive to the top of Mount Evans. We saw the beautiful expanse of all the mountains below and got a view of the clear blue skies that surrounded us. An elevation experience in real life that would come to manifest in our marriage in the years to come.

For those that aren’t familiar with our story, our journey toward marriage is a testimony of God’s sovereign hand leading us to be married in a quick and rapid timeframe. We didn’t really see it long before it happened, but God had a plan in store for us all along. Looking back at it, on what will be our 3rd anniversary this Monday I am thankful and wouldn’t change this process that God has taken us through. It has been through this journey that we are on the way toward becoming who God has called us to be.

It was at the top of that mountain that shared our name, that God expressed to me elevation. Elevation was all I could see. Now, just three years later, we are only just beginning to see the fruit of that experience manifest in our lives as God has taken us to places and allowed us to see sights that we couldn’t have ever imagined.

The scripture that comes to mind for our journey so far is Matthew 7:16. “You shall know them by their fruits.” And I want to encourage anyone reading this that if God is definitely leading you to do something that may seem unorthodox or contrary to what everyone else may think, first confirm that it’s God, then go whole-heartedly after what God is leading you to do because with the passage of time the fruit of God will shine through and show the manifestation of His spirit moving in your life. Believe God, and you never know where it will take you!

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  1. Happy (belated) Anniversary! Such amazing things has happy for you and Reggie this month… y’all anniversary and now a newborn! Congrats.

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