It’s a Divine Appointment

This week I will be celebrating my 25th birthday; one of those milestone birthdays that comes after 21 but before 30. On this 25th birthday, I am reminded of my tumultuous beginnings as a newborn baby. Born 12 weeks early, I was considered a miracle baby to many in my family as they looked upon my fragile 1lb. 6oz. body. Only 13 in. long, the doctors would put a stethoscope to my chest to hear the sound of my cry. I was so small you couldn’t hear the sound of my voice aloud. Babies born at this stage could have a host of medical issues that could plague them for the rest of their lives. I was at greatest risk for cerebral palsy, and my lungs weren’t all the way complete.

The beginning of my life shows me this: when God is for you, there’s truly nothing that can be against you (Romans 8:31). In the beginning, I stared death, sickness, and more right in the face but God’s hand stopped all of it. He declared life, health, and peace over my life and there was nothing the enemy could do about it.

Be encouraged, when it seems like that vision or dream just won’t come to pass. When it looks like you’re going through hell and high water, don’t fear because on the other side of that is the promised land. The promised victory is on the other side of that darkness. Be confident in God’s faithfulness because what the devil meant for evil, God meant for good (Genesis 50:20). He called you before the foundation of the world to complete the assignment He has put on your life (Ephesians 1:4), and you will faithfully execute it! Just keep going, because God’s hand is with you turning your voice from non-existent to far reaching and loud.

As one of my cousins said, “The miracle baby had a baby.”

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