A Real Jesus

Yesterday in class, I was talking with a girl about her continued journey toward discovering her faith. Triggered by my sparked curiosity from editing her paper about an encounter she had with people from the Mormon faith, she began by saying that she has adopted an independent ideology toward religion and has separated herself from organized religion. Settling for meditation and what she described as, “hardly prayer,” we began sharing stories. I told her a brief testimony of my salvation. I began to tell her that it wasn’t until I began to develop a relationship with God that I felt that all the things people say about Him became true. I started to feel the presence of God, and I knew God was real. She stopped me right there, and asked, “What does the presence of God feel like?” I wasn’t sure how to describe it, so I told her it is like love, joy, and peace all mixed into one feeling. It is like an everlasting impressionable experience, and I knew I was changed after I had felt the presence of God. She talked about how she had had spiritual experiences in her past, but her logical mind explained them away. She was left wondering if she has encountered God before, or if she was just crazy.

This story inspired the following prayer:

My prayer is that God sends out more real, life-altering encounters with Him. One where they can’t help but be disciples of Christ. An encounter so real that they without a doubt know that they have met Jesus. Mountain top experiences with Jesus, where their logical mind can’t explain it away. My prayer is that this generation is saturated with the Holy Spirit, and an Acts 2 revival catapults us in a new supernatural awareness that hasn’t been known to this generation. I pray that God catches the attention of the many souls out there wondering if Jesus is real. I pray that miracles, signs, and wonders break out amongst the people. I pray that the sick are healed. I pray that the demons are casted out. I pray that God’s love saturates the hearts of this generation. I pray that the God of the Bible makes Himself known to the longing hearts of this generation. I pray that the eyes are opened, and slumber is no longer an option. I speak life into the hearts and minds of this mighty generation. We are mighty, and I believe God will arise strongly within the minds of this generation. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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