A Three Day Turn Around

“When I was 11, I was forced to really make a decision whether or not I believed in God…”

Angelica’s father, who she loved very much, passed away when she was just a child, it was during that time that she really began her faith walk with God. With one death, she was faced with a father-less life, but that’s when the Great Father stepped in! Angelica’s decision to accept God as her Father set the foundation for uncommon grace to transform her life many years later.

Fast forwarding to November 2011, Angelica says she sat down one night and sought God for help. She was trapped in a toxic situation that held her bound for years. After spending hours crying out, God loosed her from the strongholds that were over her life. He gave her the grace to set herself free and the grace for a made up mind to say, “I trust you Lord, and I know that you are with me.” On Thursday, November 19th, the course of Angelica’s life was changed as she made the decision to walk away from her bondage. By Saturday of that same week, her future husband had walked into her life. Her life hasn’t been the same ever since.

In just three days, God moved seemingly impossible mountains before Angelica’s eyes. She stepped out in faith and decided to forsake the fear that tried to hold her back. She trusted God to deliver her to a new level of hope and realization of who she was. Today, Angelica is a totally transformed woman, filled with confidence and fullness of life. After being set free almost five years ago, she now strives and hopes to help other women reach their full potential in business and in life.

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