Being Content: Stewarding the Blessing of Each Step

In light of the the recent NBA finals victory of the Golden State Warriors, I ran across an article that was talking about the amount of money some of the basketball players make. This particular article was talking about how Lebron James thinks Stephen Curry’s contract should be worth $400 million and not his current contract at around $200 million. As I was thinking about it this morning, I quickly realized that I wouldn’t even know what to do with that much money. That’s a lot of money! Do you invest it? Do you spend it? Do you give it away? At that level of earnings, you have no financial boundaries. You really don’t have to worry about paying your bills on time.  If you’re famous you probably literally have access to almost anything. You have influence at a much higher level, and you have access to media and other outlets that contribute to popular culture in society. Not only that, but the NBA is internationally known, so your reach and influence doesn’t just stop in America. What do you do with that much money?

Considering that I am not as famous as Stephen Curry or Lebron James, at my current reality I probably wouldn’t even begin to scratch the surface with the amount of benefits that come with being at the level of influence and financial wealth that these players are. With the amount of benefits that come with living the life of an internationally known NBA superstar, I’m also sure it comes at a high cost. Without proper advising or training, you can quickly and suddenly lose everything and not necessarily get it back so quickly.


“I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound.” Philippians 4:12 NKJV


When Apostle Paul was addressing the church at Philippi in the book of Philippians, he leaves them with instructions and a sure hope of God’s provision in the last chapter of the book. To apply the scripture to the NBA example, I wanted to point out verses 11-13 of chapter 4. Basically Paul is showing us how he has learned to be content in every situation that comes his way, the strength and grace of God helps him through it all. Without the process and years of consistent dedication to their work, the top basketball players in the NBA, throughout history, would not have ascertained the success that they would have. The costs associated with being rich and influential are just as big as the benefits that come with them. The magnitude of a fall is much greater. The ability to trust people is uncertain because of unclear motives of friendship and admiration. It’s likely that there will be more people that don’t have your best interest in their minds. There’s the scrutiny of the media watching your every move. Each and every decision holds much more weight.

We can learn a lesson from Paul, because he’s teaching us and showing us that there is a blessing in every step and stage of life. The blessing is learning how to make the most out of every situation we are put in. Whether that means we are in need or if we have every need abundantly supplied, we are able to abound because we are making the most of that situation. Not only are we making the most of every situation, but in Christ we are going from glory to glory and from faith to faith. In other words, from level to level. Just because one person may be experiencing a higher level of wealth or influence than we are right now, it does not disqualify the significance of our journey and process. Every step has a role to play in the larger finished puzzle of our lives. If we suddenly began to make $200 or $400 million dollars tomorrow, we would end up in a similar situation that I found myself in, not being able to properly steward the blessing. Every step in each and every one of our processes makes us stronger and allows us to be better stewards in the next stage of our lives. We really can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13). He’s preparing us for success!

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