Don’t Doubt Yourself

Every since the conference I went to last weekend, a very new surety and confidence in my ability to do things has come over me. A mindset shift that has really penetrated deeply within me that has me in a whole new place of belief in myself through the power of God that I did not have before. I didn’t fully believe in myself because of all the qualities about myself that I deemed to disqualify me from accepting the places, positions, and ways of life that God is pushing me toward. A place of settled timidness toward being who God has called me to be because of thinking it was too much, thinking that it was too hard, or that I simply could not do it. I am reminded constantly that this whole working for the Lord thing is not by my power or by my might but by the Spirit of the Lord. So quite frankly, I can’t do it unless the Holy Spirit empowers me to do so, God gives me the grace, AND I make a daily choice to walk in that grace.

I was recently watching this mini-clip of an influential teacher in the Body of Christ teaching some people about courage. He went on to say how it takes courage to pursue your dreams. It takes courage to reach higher, to be knowledgeable, and to be rich. Those were some of the things he listed but then he went on to point out the other side of courage. When you step out in courage, that’s when people who knew the past version of you, or that can still have influence over you if you let them, come to say things like, “oh you forgot where you came from,” or, “oh you’re this…”. The mini-clip concluded with this: it takes courage to be different and not settle for normalcy. This burst of inspiration really resonated with me because as I’ve stepped out in courage in my life thus far I have encountered those people, including those doubtful thoughts even about my own self. But at the end of the day if you don’t believe in yourself there will always be someone who comes along to validate the very doubts you have about yourself. Often times it’s people that you would least expect it from. It’s people that you would least expect it from that will come along side your faith walk with God, not to encourage you but to whisper fuel to the fire of doubt that the devil wants to try to use to slow you down from your faith walk in God. It’s those comments, whispers of unbelief, fear, sometimes unsupportive people that will have you believing that you can’t do it. That you can’t be who God called you to be. But the truth of the matter is, you can do it. You can be big and mighty, and you can set a precedent for unchartted territory despite what the nay-sayers say that try to keep you bound to a box of normalcy and limitation.

So moral of the story… believe in yourself! Sometimes what people say is not meant for you to take in, but to use as more ammunition to keep going. Keep being that son or daughter of God you were called to be!

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