Don’t Get Discouraged in the Making Process

About two years ago I began consistently writing on a blog that I created through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, called Kingdom Sights. The blog was a cool experience for me because it soon became an open door for God to speak to me in everyday life situations. God would begin to show himself in many different areas of my life, and I would willingly and obediently write about the stories. It was me and God, and it was exciting. About a year into it, God led me to change the title of the blog and then showed me very vaguely how it connected to the work that my now husband was doing, and this was where everything changed.

I became distracted from something that was seemingly a good change in direction. Immediately I changed the title of the blog to what has become known as Uncommon Grace, and then my mind wandered from there. I began to think up ideas about what I thought the blog would look like, and I would conjure up ideas and plans based off of what I thought would lead me in the direction that the Lord was going. I would read about other bloggers and get writing tips from them, and I would learn about different ways to make money from blogging. I would try to organize my writing in the format that other bloggers suggested worked best, and I changed my writing to mirror what other bloggers sold to their audiences. I became an image that wasn’t what God wanted me to be, and I was quickly deterred from the lane that I was supposed to be in. Not only did my mind become more dependent on others’ voices than the voice of God, but I also began to notice things as I looked around me. I began to see how many followers other people had, and I realized that I didn’t have many followers. I looked around me and I saw that others would get more likes and comments on their posts, and then I wondered if people even cared about my writing. I realized that my blog was small, insignificant, and not even worth caring about. I stopped caring, and once I stopped caring I stopped writing consistently and the blog slowly began to take the appearance of death as the life was slowly getting choked out of the endeavor.

A Lesson in Small Beginnings

This experience taught me a very valuable lesson about the growth process with God. When God begins a work in us, it often it takes the form of a small seed. In the beginning the changes are seemingly small and insignificant, but later as the seed grows into the beautiful flower or tree that it’s supposed to be we realize that those small changes in the beginning actually formed the whole foundation of the harvest. The small seed that God entrusted to me was the small beginnings of my blog. By looking around and becoming engrossed with other people’s advice and journey to success with blogging, the seed that was planted in me began to get choked out by the many distractions I allowed myself to entertain. Today I decided to stop looking around and focus on God, because He is the only one who knows the path that He wants to send me on. Through faith and hope in the knowledge that He will finish what He started, I can confidently know that the small seed will turn into a beautiful harvest one day. I no longer want to abort the mission that has been entrusted to me, and I want to see the seed break through the ground of the good soil it was planted in. I wanted to write this post to encourage anyone reading this to keep the faith in the assignment that God has given them. The job will get done as long as you don’t stop. Your assignment is to keep the faith, and God will do the rest. In due season you shall reap.


Scriptures you might find useful:

Hebrews 11:1

1 Corinthians 3:6-7

Galatians 6:9

Philippians 1:6


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