Don’t run from the challenge

The ending date of Tryca’s temporary job was August 24, 2018. Expecting to find favor with her manager, she was hoping to be hired on full-time. To her disappointment that’s not what ended up happening. So now what?

I am excited about sharing this testimony today because it’s a story of how God’s blessings supersede our natural ability to understand. Yet another story of why putting our complete trust in God’s hands is what makes the most sense! Once we realize how He continually works all things out for our good, it’s only logical to trust Him even more!

On August 24, 2018, Tryca became unemployed. Applying to jobs nothing seemed to work out. This was shocking to her because of her qualifications and her experience in the field she was hoping to stay in. She began to wonder why this was happening, as she discerned that God was blocking her from these opportunities she was trying to pursue. Seeking the Lord for more clarity Tryca discovered that there was something deeper to this job search.

Breaking Comfort

Internally, she knew that her past had been filled with comfortable environments and working conditions. She was fine with applying to temporary work, but something was different about this time. God wanted to bring a new desire out of her. He wanted her to look for a place to stay and to develop stability… at a job and within herself.

God broke down her comfort zone not just about what type of jobs to apply for but also showed her that it was in her spiritual disposition. At the time she was more concerned about the odds of getting a job than faith in what God could do. Focusing more on what the world said about her chances of accomplishing something, instead of what God had in store for her. God wanted her to push toward the challenge.

Finally getting an interview at a company she was excited about, Tryca was confident that the first round went well! Needless to say, she got the job! But what came next is the extraordinary part about this testimony!

The Accident

In September 2018, Tryca got into a car accident that hit the back end of her car, making it hard to legally driver her car because her taillights were out. A new job… but no way to get to get to that job. An answered prayer but something else went wrong immediately following the blessing. Oh and rent was due October 1, with no way to pay it.


Overcoming the Challenge

What do you do when everything seems like it’s not working out?

Tryca had been walking with the Lord long enough to know that God wasn’t going to bless her with the new job and leave her to handle the rent and car situation all on her own. She knew from her past experiences with the Lord that He knew and cared about every part of her life. She was confident that He would take care of her other needs as well. She began to encourage herself in the Lord, and applied her faith.

By October 8, Tryca had gotten approved for a new car and her rent had been paid! God certainly worked it all out for her good, and exceedingly blessed her. She began by looking for a new job, but the Lord saw fit to bless her with a new job that had more opportunity for advancement, a MORE affordable car with a ZERO down-payment, and her rent was paid on time!


Her story inspires me to believe God beyond what I think is possible. He certainly will supersede our natural ability to comprehend what He’s doing, so that He can set us up for greater!

Realizing she was used to settling for jobs because of a fear of failure that was painted by the image of bad odds in this limited world, Tryca had courage to trust God in the face of her fear. This allowed her to transcend above what is the expected outcome of this world to access God’s grace for a new job, car, AND paid rent! He’s able, just believe!

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