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I’m in the midst of a new season right now, as I begin my 3rd week at my new job. As someone who has experienced a large amount of change in a condensed amount of time, I’m coming to the place where I’m realizing I can enjoy each season of my life. I wasn’t always like that, because I used to get caught up in focusing on the things I didn’t understand about each new season. Sometimes the big things in our lives are unclear, but I was reminded today while talking with someone that I should enjoy the slow beginnings. It was a good reminder today to remember the little things that you can rejoice about.

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!” (Philippians 4:4 NASB)

Even though I’m beginning to find the small things to rejoice about in every area of my life, I’ve definitely been at the place where I’ve almost resisted change in my heart. Opposing it in my heart because I felt I hadn’t yet had time to breath from the last change, or transition or new thing. Adapting a complaining or “why me?” mentality because I couldn’t see beyond my situation. Accepting fear in my heart because I couldn’t embrace faith. Now, after years of being in the process I realize that’s not the right attitude to have.

It is through those changes or stretching life moments, that you grow. You miss out on so much when you aren’t embracing the thing that’s happening to you whether seemingly good or bad. You miss the journey that God wants to take you on, because you’re too busy complaining from a place of fear and unbelief. Just because we can’t always see where the journey is taking us, doesn’t mean that we have to shut ourselves down to the growth God is trying to bring in our lives. I’m learning that sometimes change and new things come about in our lives because God wants to bring us so much outside of our comfort zone that our only option is to learn to trust Him more. Our only option becomes depending on Him during those times when we can’t see where the journey is leading us.

In God’s infinite wisdom, He knows better how to get us to the places He envisions for us than we do. If we knew everything we wouldn’t need God to do anything. And if you’ve tried to do anything without God, you soon realize that it doesn’t work out so well. So whether you’re starting a new job like me, or being led to quit your job there’s joy to be found in this season too. Praise God for the small things, even when the big things seem blurry and unclear. Praise God for the slow days, and the small beginnings because there will come a day when all that will be in the past. Don’t be in such a rush to exit the new thing God has bought about in your life, because it’s meant to make you more like Him. It’s meant to grow your perspective. It’s meant to take you further into faith. Just keep going, even if you can’t see where you are going. That’s the whole point of faith!

2 thoughts on “Enjoy Each Season

  1. Yes! I learned to enjoy the process, even if it seems a little uncomfortable. Very good information and congrats on your new job!

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