How to Steward Your Finances Well

Today I’m sharing with you an interview I did with a young, faith-FULL woman of God. She is known for having very good stewardship, and lending her time and talents toward helping others get better at stewarding their finances and resources. You don’t want to miss these tips and jewels of wisdom from this interview! Thanks for reading!

  1. Can you give a brief description of your professional background?

Well Sydnie, after graduating college I began my career with Wells Fargo Bank as a Mortgage Underwriter in the Home Mortgage space. I did that for a little over six years, then I moved on in my career to become an Audit Analyst for The Schwan Food Company within the Finance Department. Currently I work at United Health Group in the Finance Department as a Financial Consultant.

  1. How did you get interested in financial consulting and advising?

It started when I was a little girl, I have always been interested in numbers and how they work. As time went on, and as I got older, that interest grew into wanting to live a better life and help people along the way.  The advising was an add on from God. As my own life became a testimony, there were others that could hear my story and grow as well.

  1. Can you share a testimony about a time you’ve experienced God breakthrough in your finances?

Wow! Where do I began there’s so many that stand out to me: my credit, job promotions, my income bracket, our 1st home, and the list goes on. But I will tell of how God moved in the purchase of our 1st home. I had no money really saved for a home, and I had not been thinking of purchasing as soon as we did; however, God knew the plan. It started in prayer service on a Monday night. God ministered to me through worship, prayer, and even spoke clearly through my pastor. God said go purchase and that’s what I did. He made a way for the down payment through various resources, setup us up with a bomb realtor and through that relationship, and another legitimate resource, we were paid at the close of our house. We did not waiver and we stood on God’s word and got the things we requested in that deal. We closed and moved in 3 months from the time God spoke and told us to go.

  1. I’ve heard you mention before the concept of “No Spend Month,” can you give a summary about what that is?

Sure. My family and I every other month participate in a “No Spend Month.” This is something we started after I joined the group by Tiffany the Budgetnista, Dream Catcher, and took on the “Live Richer Challenge.” Over time we began tweaking it to fit our family style and have found it to be very successful for us. Basically, every other month which would be a “No Spend Month,” we do not spend outside of our written budget. So, this means no emotional spending, no going out to eat, no fidget spinners (my son loves these…), etc.  In this case we are forced to save more on top of our target savings goal. I will admit this is not easy at first but when you have definite attainable goals set, definite purpose for where you are going, and agreement within your household to reach these goals together you can do it! Focus! Discipline! Consistency is key!

  1. What advice would you give to young people about building wealth?

It is never too early to start. Start now! My son is six years old and he has been learning about building wealth since five. Learn about financial independence. Spend time learning how money works. Don’t let money work you, but you work money, and above all else Matthew 6:33.

  1. We all hear about investing and the benefits it has for the future, what are some good investments to make? And why?

I will have to go with what has worked for me. That would be to invest in yourself, invest in the Kingdom of God, invest in people, and build wealth. Investing in yourself yields wonderful positive returns in my opinion and this is getting an education, building character, having integrity, continuous learning, and living a healthy life. Investing in the Kingdom of God gives endless benefits. Period! Investing in people builds relationships, opens good doors for reaping, and helps make the world a better place. Last but not least, building wealth produces benefits that overflow for generations to come.

  1. What advice would you give people who have damaged credit and who want help to develop better credit scores?

First, I will say address the issue and find the root cause that led to it (bad habits, Y.O.L.O., etc.). Make up your mind fully to want to do better and change the old habits. There are plenty of free resources that help with credit repair; use them. Just like I mentioned to young people about building wealth: it is never too late to start making changes. Start now!

  1. Is there one method that you’ve found to be successful for saving money?

Automatic transfers from my paycheck to an account that is not easily accessible. Banking with a credit union that requires multiple steps to get money such as: the times it is open interfere with my work schedule, going into the branch because I do not have a bank card, and it is not close to my house. After all that listen it makes me holler and throw up both my hands, forget about it! Also do it as if you would for your mortgage or lights, it’s a must not something you address based on leftovers. Save something because every dollar helps and contributes to the goal.

  1. What ways would you suggest to steward money, when you don’t have the money to do all the things you want to do including save it?

Re-assess your budget to find your money. I believe most of us have the money to save but cannot find it because there is no plan. There it goes she said it “BUDGET.” There must be a plan, a realistic one at that. This will help with stewarding well and cannot be something that is done once but it is a continuous process. Each month my family and I assess the budget, take in consideration changes to the budget, decide how to handle bonuses, increases, and gifts given. Every opportunity we have to do more we make the decision of how we will take advantage of that. Whether it be with savings, a family trip, sowing more seeds, or giving gifts to love ones, all are part of stewarding well. Set realistic goals, get a plan for your money, direct each dollar, begin cutting your expenses, increase your income, and be a good steward over it all.


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  1. Wow. Excellent advice. Glad to see that there are young people with such great wisdom. I learned a lot from this and may start implement in my own family. Thanks

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