Jumping Off Spiritual Bridges

Today’s interview features a young woman of God named Abriana “Bri” Myles. As a college student interested in pursuing law, she was recently hired at a new job that will better position her for her future aspirations. Although the end reward was the job, on the way there she was tested! We can all relate to her story about how she was stretched to trust God more and was thrust into a place of deeper faith. It’s something how we think we trust God, until He tests us to show us what’s really in us. We can learn a thing or two from Bri as she sheds a light on the ways she learned to depend more on God, as God transitioned her from one job to the next.

The following are Bri’s words. They have been edited for brevity and clarity.

The Green Light

One night I was picking somebody up for church. As I went to pick them up, my phone was acting up, the gps took me to Minneapolis instead. On the way back, I kept getting all these green lights. Wondering what God was saying through this, I instantly knew I had the confirmation for a green light in some area of my life. The word could have applied to many areas in my life, although my old job was the most frustrating thing at the time. When we finally arrived at the church the pastor prophesied to me, unknowing of my situation, and told me to quit my job.

I got my confirmation! I was free.

The Test

Once I left church that night, I felt so free. My job was the most frustrating thing in my life at that time, and I was happy to be freed from it. There would be days in the past where I would think about quitting my job, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. There was something different about this time. God had to send somebody else to release a word. The word that would push me into a place that I wouldn’t allow myself to go into. I was free to believe God for a new job, and I just knew God was going to provide a new job for me by the end of the next week.

It didn’t happen.

I quickly realized how easy it is to trust God when everything is going good and when you have money in your pocket. It’s easy to be excited about your faith and about growing your faith when your faith isn’t being tested. As soon as God decides to shift that part of your life that you thought you were secure in, what do you do? You realize the areas that you need to put more trust and faith in God, and a lot of people drop out. A lot of people give up, and conclude that they can’t do it anymore. They start depending on themselves and not on God. It was during this time that I realized that God wanted to push me toward a different type of faith that I’ve never experienced before. He wanted me to remember that He is my only source, and I ended up being out of work for two months.

The Lesson in the Test

Throughout the whole process of transitioning from my old job to my new job, I can say that I’ve learned so much. During this time, I learned some important things that ended up helping me through the process:

  • Read The Word: One thing that really helped me learn how or what it looks like to even depend on God was reading the Bible. Looking over the promises of God concerning finances also helped me. When you’re going through a season like I was of learning to trust God in my finances, I had to have something to lean back on. Since I knew God doesn’t lie, I was able to trust in His word regarding my finances. His promises are true.
  • Know That God Is Able: In specific instances, when I would get low on groceries or gas, I had to know that God wasn’t just going to let me go hungry or not have gas in my tank. It was like I had to know it in my heart first that God was going to provide. Once I knew that He was going to do it, I was then able to activate it, and then it was released. There was this one time when I didn’t have groceries, and because I knew in my heart that God was going to provide, somebody randomly said they were going to buy me groceries!
  • Be Open to God: If I wasn’t open to God during this time, I couldn’t have received all of the things I did. I was able to encourage others about my situation. I was able to develop a more intimate relationship with God. I can have real conversations with God, without feeling awkward. God became more real to me than He was before. In order to get to this place, I had to jump off some spiritual bridges. I had to put all of my trust in God, and that was done by being open to His ways.


As you can see God can use anything to get you to a place that is ultimately closer to Him. This interview was fun. I was personally reminded how important it is stay in God’s word and to stay faithful to Him. He may test your trust and faith in Him, but He will always be faithful. He will always pull through on His promises and His word. I hope this interview was helpful. You can feel free to add these strategies to your personal book of winning! God wants to see you thrive, because He loves you. Just stick with Him.

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