Keep Your Light On

Today at work was a good day! One thing in particular stood out to me:

My coworker told me that I was the only one at work to encourage him to pursue the master’s degree he is now registered in. He continued to compliment me for always having such a positive attitude.

I say this not to brag about myself, but as a testimony of God’s faithfulness in my own life. I don’t know why this was such a big deal for me today, but the sincerity in which he said that really made me thank God for the light that he shines through me by His grace, but it made me think about it on a deeper level.

How many of us have been that positive person at work, at school, or in their community but let life over time dampen that ray of positivity and joy? How many of us have begun to resemble everyone else in our speech patterns of encouraged negativity, doubt, sarcasm and false hope? How many of us have begun to let life take away the awe and sincerity we once had for the world?

That one encounter with my coworker today really impacted me and made me think about the importance of not letting your light go out. This walk of faith is not a fight against flesh and blood (Ephesians 6:12), so when the word of God encourages us to renew our minds and be not conformed to this world (Romans 12:2) we have to take it seriously! When you’ve conformed to the same pattern as the world, what light is shining in the midst of negativity and darkness? Who will be the ray of positivity and joy at work, school, or in your community? Where will the person who needs it get the encouragement to pursue that master’s degree they’ve always wanted to do?

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