Lay It Down and Let It Go

Recently I discovered that there was still a part of me holding on to the pre-saved part of my life. None of me wanted to go back there, and nothing in me wanted to be who I used to be but there was still a part of me that hadn’t fully caught up to and accepted the new transformed version of myself that has been made by God’s love. There was still a part in me that hadn’t fully laid down the responsibility I felt to help and show the people that I used to know the life I’ve found in Jesus. I was carrying a burden that God didn’t give me to bear, and it became a problem.

Where is your treasure?           

Jesus, in Matthew 6, tells us not to lay up treasure for ourselves on earth, but to lay up for ourselves treasure in heaven where nothing corruptible can break in and steal. He proceeds to tell us that where our treasure is, there our heart will be also. Another scripture I wanted to point out is Matthew 19:21-23, 29. This is the story about the rich man who asks Jesus what he can do to inherit eternal life, when Jesus tells him to sell all of his possessions and give to the poor he couldn’t do it. Jesus later explains to his disciples in verse 29 that everyone who gives up everything for his name will inherit eternal life.

As we can see from the scripture, it is pretty important to live a life that completely follows Jesus with no reservations. In the example with the rich man, Jesus showed us that it was hard for the man to see the Kingdom of God because he had a hard time giving up the treasures he laid up for himself on earth. The story of the rich man can be similar to us in a lot of ways. Like with the example of my life, I was still holding onto a responsibility that God didn’t give me, and there were areas in my life that I hadn’t yet given completely over to God. I was still trying to follow Jesus while holding on to something I thought I could do in my own strength.

Do you trust God?

It may be hard to let go of our families or our friends, but because God is a faithful God we know that He will reward us for our faithfulness to Him. He won’t forget about saving your family. He won’t forget about saving your old friends, and he won’t forget about the promises that he has for you. I believe God is just looking for someone to fully surrender the fullness of themselves over to Him, so that he can know that you trust him to do what he says he will do. It’s not until we fully surrender all, that the promises of God will start to manifest in our lives. But we first have to lay down our lives, so we can find it again in Jesus.


Note: When I say let go of your family and friends, I don’t mean completely banishing yourself from all people in your life (unless the Holy Spirit leads you to do so). I mean letting go of the false burdens that we can sometimes put on ourselves, and the hindering weight of caring so much that you no longer progress in God.

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