Let’s Get To Know God

For a while now, I have been reading the Old Testement in sequential order to understand the happenings of the Bible. So far it has been exciting to read the stories in the Bible that may not be talked about all the time in sermons, or just to have background and understanding when I hear others preach messages. Currently I’m in the book of Judges. One thing that has been sticking out to me in this book is the relation to today’s world. In particular I’m referring to Judges 1-10.

After Joshua died and the remaining elders who knew the Lord and His works had died, there was left a generation of people who didn’t know God or His mighty works personally (Judges 2:8-11). How similar is that to today? A lot of us cling to the faith our our parents or grandparents. We see God in context of our older family members, and not as a living reality in our lives today. Easily falling to compromise, serving other gods and succumbing to watered down faith because of its popularity among the young people today. Among the remaining generation. Like the children of Israel, how many of us have gone and left God’s teaching and begun to accept a lifestyle of compromise, worldliness, and ungodliness?

My sincere prayer in this time is that God raise up delivers in this time to bring liberty to the saints today. To the young saints today. But unlike the children of Israel in the book of Judges, let us not go back into sin after receiving the freedom and enlightenment. Let us keep going on, spreading the good news about God, His works, and his statues to our kids that come after us. Let us be so on fire for God, that compromise and unrighteousness is no longer a norm amongst the saints. Let us be sincere about or profession of faith to the Lord, and come completely out of the world. Let us know God and experience His mighty works, in Jesus’ name.

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