Next Level Faith: Remember the Testimonies

Today’s reference scripture comes from the story of David and Goliath 1 Samuel 17:34-51. I will be talking about taking our faith to the next level by remembering what God has already done!

Over the last couple weeks I had been tempted with distraction. I was tempted because I was picking up cares of the world. I was trying to find balance between trusting God and walking by faith without taking it into my own hands. But in the end I still found myself weighed down, slower, and heavier. What was wrong?

This morning, in my time with God I went over testimonies God has done in my life. I forced myself to see that God has already proven himself time and time again to be faithful. He’s been faithful in every area of my life. He has shown himself strong and mighty, but why do we so easily forget and forfeit those testimonies as soon as we are faced with an even bigger mountain? When God shows us He wants to do something amazing in our lives, we often falter at the alter of doubt. We bow to fear and natural ability, but God said He would be the one to do it! We start piecing together our tiny resources in comparison to God and start forging our own path to the finish line without even realizing that we are doing it in our own strength!

This is a continual walk of faith, so we can’t start off good and then stumble in the middle. We have to keep practicing what God has already given us.

How This Relates to David and Goliath

In the story of David and Goliath, my favorite part for this illustration is when David tried on the armor that Saul gave him for the battle. He tried it out, but because he hadn’t tested it he gave it back to King Saul. He proceeded to the battle with what God had done before (1 Samuel 17:39-40). God used David in the past to fight and kill a bear and a lion with a slingshot and rocks.

This shows me that it’s not about the armor, or the resources, or our own ability that qualifies us, but it’s about our ability to remember the name and power of the Lord. It’s not about the degrees, the job, the experience, the credit scores, or the people we know. All of that won’t help us in this next journey of our lives, it’s about us applying what has worked in the past to our future endeavors. And what worked in the past was our faith and trust in God!

Use Faith Over Your Own Ability

When David tried on the armor, he tried on what man tried to tell him he should do. He tried to see if it would fit him, but since he was a son of God it didn’t fit. It couldn’t fit him, because he couldn’t walk in it. As daughters of God, just like that armor didn’t fit David it shouldn’t fit us either. We are called to walk by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). We should be remembering what God has already done in our lives, and using that as ammunition to believe for the next level faith! To believe that God is able to perform the next level of things He has promised in our lives.

I was feeling heavier and slower because I wasn’t focusing on God’s ability but my own, and I wrote this post to encourage us to remember the testimonies God has already done. Remember what He has done so that you can have the next level faith to take down the next giant. To conquer and receive the next victory that has been promised in your life. Whether that’s being married, owning your own business, buying a house, or traveling the world, trust God to supply all that you need. He will be faithful for this just like He was with the rest!

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