Our Homebuying Process: A Test of Faith!

The Word

At the end of February this year God spoke to me in a dream and instructed my husband and I to, “Move now,” concerning buying our first house! This had been a desire on my heart for the past couple of years as we were coming up to the end of our two year lease. I had received a word from a woman of God, my friend, the year before telling me that God was going to do this desire. The time had come, it was time to move!

If I believed God was going to do what He said He was going to do then I had to line up my actions with what I believed in my heart. I had to step out in faith. But what if stepping out looks unadviseable in the world’s eyes? Why would you buy a house in the middle of a pandemic? Why would you buy a house if you’ve only been at your job for less than a month? That was the situation we faced. We saw the pandemic. We saw our bank account. We saw our credit scores. We saw that I was pregnant with our second child, but God still instructed us to move. He knew all of this. With what I’ve been taught about faith, this was a perfect time to have an unlikely situation happen in our lives.

Stepping Out

So… we took a leap of faith and applied for a mortgage. The journey had started! Being led along the way, the Lord showed us in a dream again which mortgage company we would be pre-approved through. This particular company for some reason didn’t look at the documents the same way other mortgage companies did. Their underwriting staff didn’t count things as derogatories that others did. Although very legitamate and pretty well known, why was this company’s team different? The favor of God stepped into our situation when we said yes to stepping out.

Here we were pre-qualified, but not yet pre-approved. Pre-approval would take another couple months as the worldwide pandemic had caused housing interest rates to plummet (another testimony in and of itself). Since interest rates were low, homeowners were bombarding loan companies for refinancing. Pre-approvals were near the bottom of the priority list at their underwriting department. We were challenged again to keep going on God’s word despite our lease ending in just a couple months and no pre-approval in sight. What were we going to do if we weren’t pre-approved? Where would we live? Would we have a place before we have the baby? All questions going through my mind. I had to keep reminding myself that God knew all of this before He told us to move forward. He surely would come through now… right?

To keep acting on faith, we reached out to a realtor to begin looking at houses. We were looking at house after house, but nothing seemed to stand out to us. A month away from the end of our lease, and we finally put an offer on a house!

We were rejected.

Over the next month we ended up putting out 3 more offers. A total of 4 rejected offers at this point.

Did we hear God correctly? Are we doing something wrong?

We were pre-approved at this point, but still no house to show for it. God had brought us this far, so we had to keep going.

God I Trust You

Moving completely out of our rental townhouse, we moved into a hotel. Hopeful in the character of God we looked at His goodness and sovereignty. Although it felt very hard at times, I had to keep renewing my mind, and meditating on the fact that God had this all under control. 7 months pregnant, and then 8 months pregnant we were still staying in a hotel. A less than ideal situation with an almost toddler. Thoughts that fought my faith would fill my mind, but I had to keep renewing my mind. God had this in His hands and He said He was going to do it. He brought us this far, He wasn’t going to give up on us now.

Once we moved out of our rental, it was like that was the ultimate, “God I trust you,” move of faith. In a matter of a couple days, our streak of rejection had turned into an accepted offer!

The Promise

We had received an accepted offer at last! This house had been on the market for a while, and we were surprised it wasn’t sold yet. It was so nice! Turns out we were also the only offer the sellers accepted out of a few others that had been placed on it over time. That sounds like favor to me! God had set this house aside, just for us!!

Although we had the accepted offer, it was the time leading up to closing that would test our endurance of receiving this promise all the way until the very end! It seemed like the fire was turned up under us as we reached the end of our home buying journey. A fire that taught me/us not to give up having faith until you see the fullness of the thing! Until faith is no longer needed, and it’s a testimony! We persevered, and we saw God move like we had never seen Him move before: from unexpected money, to doors being opened, to providing for us to stay in a hotel a whole month, to keeping us sane God helped us through it all!

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7

I hope this encouraged others on their walk of faith in whatever it is! Don’t give up, God is the one to do it! You just keep going in what God said.

Resources: Looking for a realtor in the Twin Cities East metro area? Patti Lindberg with Edina Realty is awesome!


6 thoughts on “Our Homebuying Process: A Test of Faith!

  1. You are truly an inspiration Sydnie. I feel blessed and honored to know you, and am grateful our paths crossed! I am so happy to have been a part of your home buying journey. Thanks for the testimonial too!!

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