Outclassed: An Interview with Jatcie Williams

Proverbs 31:29, the scripture that inspired the name of Jatcie’s business. Outclassed was birthed out of her already present love for fashion when she stepped out in faith to pursue a vision that was blossoming within her. After college, Jatcie had the desire of any young woman who graduated college: she wanted a full-time job that paid well, and a graduation gift! God blessed her with both the job and a sewing machine, and having never sewn before what was she going to do with the gift she asked for? When she lost her job, it was time to pull that sewing machine out and start building the vision that will change her life!

Today’s interview, is a story of how God inspired a young woman, Jatcie, to start building a fashion business, and how He filled her with the hope to encourage other young women on their journey in Christ through the vehicle of fashion!

(The following are Jatcie’s words. They have been edited for brevity, clarity, and to structure this post.)

1. For those that don’t know you, who is Jatcie Williams and what is Outclassed? How did you get to know the Lord?


I’m Jatcie Williams! I pronounce it “Jaht-cie.” I’m originally from Akron, Ohio, but I moved to Greensboro upon attending the University of North Carolina – Greensboro (UNCG) where I got my Bachelor’s of Science in Consumer, Apparel & Retail Studies. When I was younger I knew Jesus was The Way, but I didn’t have the revelation of Christ in my heart yet. I had to choose for myself and with my own conviction who Christ was for me.  It wasn’t until my sophomore year in college that I really dedicated my life to Christ. I’ve been married for three years now, and I have an 18-month old little girl! Outclassed is an experience for all types of women! We specialize in custom items, ready-to-wear clothing, and image consulting!

2. Where did the inspiration for Outclassed come from?

I’ve always had a passion and desire to be a designer, since I was very young. At a young age, my mom gave me Barbie doll clothes that were custom made. I didn’t realize it until this year, but I believe that she was the one who planted the seed in me. This is the first memory I can remember that relates to my passion for designing. From there I grew up drawing a bit, and everything that I did had to do with fashion. I liked dressing up, and I won best dressed at my high school. This is what made me think that this was the direction God wanted me to go, and so I took it by force!

In January of 2013, I was fasting about purpose. During the fast, I was led to read Proverbs 31. At that point I was thinking that I already knew what Proverbs 31 was about! Once I got to Proverbs 31:29, the Holy Spirit stopped me and I re-read it again… God told me, “This is your business name.”

“Many women have done wonderful things, but you’ve outclassed them all!” (Proverbs 31:29 MSG)

I didn’t know anything else but the name of the business for 10 months! But once I thought about it, it was funny because Outclassed is who I am and who I want to inspire women to be. It’s not a matter of being better than others or anything like that, but it’s about a certain standard that we as women should always maintain!

3. What advice would you give to young women for finding their identity in a society filled with comparison?


From the fifth grade on up, I tried a lot of different ways to find value and identity. After a while, I was fed up with dating guys who didn’t understand my value. I was fed up with friends who didn’t understand my value. And so I found my true identity in Christ by learning of Him!

The advice I would give is this: When you find Christ, you find yourself! When you yearn to know more about Him, that’s when you find the true, authentic you.

4. We all have times where we are not sure if the Lord is sending us a certain direction or speaking to us specifically about a certain thing, are there times when you feel uncertain like this and what do you do to keep yourself motivated in faith toward your vision?

I experience a lot of times like that! I’m going to be honest today right before you called, I was like, “Ok Jesus are you sure I’m supposed to be doing this?” Here are a few things that have helped me:

Surrounding yourself by like-minded people

Growing up my dad always told me to surround myself with like-minded people. I have friends that I can text to pray for me and I know for sure that they are going to pray for me. Being surrounded by like-minded people, who you know love Christ and who you know are going to pray for you is very important. Have a support group, even if it’s not your family.

Recycling the Word of God

I love self-affirmations, when I first started developing my relationship with Christ I would have notecards everywhere with my favorite scriptures. If I ever felt challenged, I would meditate on one of my favorite scriptures.

Going back and looking at what God has done for me motivates me as well. Sometimes we forget the little things He does for us on a day to day basis and there’s something about writing it down and reflecting on those things when you’ve had a challenging day. I used to have a list that I would look at and know that God would be able to show up in my life because of what He’s done in the past. For me, I have to remember what God showed me! It’s like you’re in a parade. You start the parade, you get tired in the middle of the parade, but you keep going because you know there’s an end.


I think it’s so important to spend time with God, even if it’s just 30 minutes. Worship is a large part of overcoming obstacles and challenges that you may experience during your day. If I’m feeling challenged I will go into worship!

5. Lastly, if you could encourage your daughter with one thing about your journey so far in life and business, what would it be?

Never give up! I wanted to say something so deep and profound, but what was coming to me was never give up!

It has been three years since Jatcie took that sewing machine out to teach herself how to sew from scratch (Wow, right?), and since she has been featured at many events including New York Fashion Week, Winston Salem Fashion Week, and more! I am inspired by Jatcie after hearing her speak about her inspiration for the vision that God has given her! I wanted to share her story with you guys, as it’s a story of God giving us the power to do more than is readily seen often. Not just start our own businesses, in a world filled with 9-5 dreams, but to find our true identity in a world filled with comparison and inauthenticity. Many of us struggle with seeking our validation in things and people, but with God we are able to find internal peace, confidence, and security in our own uniqueness! Once you find that identity, she leaves us with the encouragement to “Never give up!” The vision will come to pass!

There was much more that I wish I could have shared from our conversation, but due to length I wanted to share the highlights! Maybe I can have her back for a future podcast (hint, hint, wink, wink)! Thanks for reading! Find more information about Outclassed here and @Outclassedic on Facebook and Instagram.

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