Pondering on Questions

The other day, I realized that I was thinking too much. Sometimes, I have the tendency to let a natural ability go in over drive. I’m a natural planner and strategist. A skill that isn’t intrinsically bad, but when I notice it going in over drive that’s when I have to stop myself. Because if I let it go too far, it’ll turn into a bunch of thinking that may or may not exit my mind into real life. Hence this blog post is being written, because I had to stop thinking and make a step toward progress. God may have given you a vision about something, but what happens when that’s all you have? There’s all the little details and all the minor questions that arise in your mind for how to do it. You may feel like there’s a bunch of research and skills needed to do and develop before you can adequately bring forth this vision. This happens to me sometimes, so I’ve decided to do this: Go with the little that I do know, and not worry about the rest. From this process I’ve re-realized two things: 1) It’s ok not to know everything before starting something, and 2) the enemy (Satan) will try to rob you of your vision, by paralyzing you in thought.

  1. You don’t have to know everything.

One thing I’m learning in this process called life, is that it is perfectly ok not to have an elaborate plan for your life. What I’ve realized is that sometimes God will give us glimpses into what the future may hold, but then where we can mess up is trying to overthink about the how’s and the when’s of the promise God has given us. This might sound obvious for some, but the kingdom of God doesn’t work like the world we live in does. In the world, there’s the reliance on what we can see, feel, sense, or plan. If you have a dream, in the world the normal way of doing things is to figure out how to get there. There’s plenty of people who have come before you, so there’s plenty of advice and people to look to as role models for how to achieve the goals you want to achieve. But what happens, like in my case, when you don’t know anyone to see what the vision you have looks like in real life? This is where I’m coming to realize it’s ok not to know what it looks like, because this is where I believe God wants us to be.

The kingdom of God works on faith. If we could see, feel, sense, or plan the partial vision that God gave us then there’s not any reason to have faith (Romans 8:24-25). Faith helps us know what to gravitate toward in life, but we don’t know what the the whole picture will look like until we get there. I’m writing this blog post today, not just as another testament of my faith in God, but to encourage you to not give up on the vision God has given you based on what you can see. There’s going to be plenty of stuff that you don’t even know God has planned for your life that will happen to you. It doesn’t mean that it wasn’t God. Just stay consistent, and determined not to give up on the vision until you know the promise has been fulfilled. God is looking for us to have faith, and that requires us to transcend to a different place than the world may operate at. When it comes to those career plans or those vision plans, lay aside the over-planning and thinking and just do what you know in the present and watch God lead you on the path toward how.

  1. Don’t get paralyzed in thought.

Another thing that can happen when you engage in too long of a period of overthinking, is that you can get stuck there. Sometimes thinking can turn into non-action. There’s so much to be done that you don’t make any movement because you want to have the perfect plan down before you start moving. I believe that can turn into a trick of the enemy to try to rob you of the promises God has given you. You have the vision and the “faith,” but now you’re in a place of inactivity because you’re trying to find the right moment, time, or place to start acting on your vision. I found myself overthinking this weekend, so that’s why I had to stop myself. It’s not about how planned out each step can be before you make a move, it’s about does your actions show God that you actually have faith in what He can do. It’s not about how much we can do in our own strength, but about how our consistent faith shows God that we believe in his strength and His ability. Faith without works is dead. So in the extended time spent thinking and planning, that time could be spent on growing and developing skills and working toward the manifestation of that vision, and consistently showing God that you believe Him. Don’t let the enemy paralyze you in thought, to rob you of your promise.

Don’t get lost in the questions, because it truly will work out for your good. Keep consistently going off of what you know, and the rest will figure itself out. Besides it’s not your vision, it’s the Lord’s! Stay encouraged!

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