Prepare to Take a Seat at the Table

This past weekend my husband and I were invited to attend a wedding (our 5th one this year, which is a blessing)! Once we got there we realized this wasn’t just any wedding, this was a really elegant wedding! On the drive over to the western suburb we were instantly taken aback by the sudden change in the enormity of the houses and the vastness of land each property owned. I suddenly realized that this was completely different than any area I’ve seen in my experience living in Minnesota, and it became inspiring. It was at the reception that we were seated in close view of the head table, and the elegance of the night continued. Noticing the very elaborate and pristinely decorated place setting, I knew time, attention, and money had gone into the planning of this wedding. Once the night was over, we both agreed that this wedding, although a very joyous time for the couple, was definitely an experience for us to cherish in our memories because of all the exposure to lavish things that night. Later, when I got home I was reminded of all of the different “lavish exposures” that we were blessed to experience in the last year, and God brought to my attention that none of this was by happenstance.

In Luke 14:8-11, Jesus gives a parable about being a guest at a wedding instructing us not to take the best seat at the feast after noticing that the rulers of the Pharisees took the best places. He tells us this because there’s the possibility that “one more honorable than you” will be invited to the wedding and you will be asked to give up your seat of choice. On the contrary, He tells them to take the lowest seat first and then be asked up higher that we may have glory in the presence of those who will sit with us in the high place. This parable was brought to my attention as I was reminded of all the different exposures that we have had the privilege to encounter thus far. Knowing that God is an intentional God, I immediately thought about the idea that God is preparing us.

Just because things seem normal and inconsequential does not mean that they don’t have greater meaning in the future or in the final image of our lives. I was encouraged by this parable because I could imagine how honorable and glorifying it would be for God if we, as His disciples, let Him exalt us to high places by his grace and by his power alone. I thought about how much glory the kingdom of God would get if more disciples, by the true sense of the word, were sincerely sent to places of honor. Not for the sake of having glory among men, but because of the kingdom of God. For the sake of bringing the gospel to high places. We all need to know and accept the gospel, including the people who have much in this world.

One thing I wanted to mention before I end, is that God is preparing you to take a seat at the table. Whether that table be a table in the midst of people with worldly power and influence, or if that table is in the middle of your local corner store; each encounter that He blesses us with is a glimpse into what He’s preparing us to do. God is preparing us to be conduits who spread the good news of His kingdom everywhere. I encourage us all to look around, and see what God has already started to do through us. We are already being used as beacons of His light!

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