Raising Kingdom Children with Annette Evans

Through the grace of God, Annette Evans was able to go from the projects in Chicago, to having a successful example kingdom family! Along with her husband, they raised 4 children who all reverence the Lord and are now living saved lives with families of their own. She gives us practical advice for being present in your children’s lives and allowing God to shape you into the image He wants you to be!

3 thoughts on “Raising Kingdom Children with Annette Evans

  1. Wow This PodCast was Really Great!
    I’m So Proud of You Prophetess Sydnie ! You are So Talented, So Professional and , Anointed !
    Sis. Annette and Warrior, I really enjoyed all you said, it was down to earth and spiritual.
    You are a Very Beautiful Woman Of God, Anointed, Gifted and Powerful !
    Thank God for You both !
    Love You Both !

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