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So what is Uncommon Grace? Well it’s kind of like me… on the internet! It’s a lifestyle blog where I talk a lot about Jesus, my life with Jesus, and Jesus happening in other peoples’ lives!

When I started this blog, in 2015, I had no idea that it would become what it is today: a WHOLE lifestyle blog with a WHOLE vision, mission and with podcasts and stuff!!!!! Wow God is good, and His plans for your life are truly above what you could have ever thought of on your own. So what is the mission of the blog?

The Mission

The mission is to inspire women to look for and see the Kingdom of God in their everyday lives! By talking about my experiences with Jesus, and also about the testimonies happening around me, I want to show you how God is truly moving. and how real He is even in the seemingly small and normal areas of our lives.

Tour of the Site

To help you navigate the site, I wanted to give you a little tour:

  1. Learn more about me and my personal testimony here.
  2. For exhortation and encouragement through the happenings in my every day life, check out the Kingdom Life tab.
  3. To read about courtship, marriage, and being a Christian mom check out the Marriage and Motherhood pages under the Family tab!
  4. Lastly checkout the the Uncommon Grace podcast on the Podcast tab! On the show I sit down with others to talk about the testimonies happening around us, and I occasionally will do a solo-cast! Check it out!

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