Kingdom Life

It’s a Divine Appointment

This week I will be celebrating my 25th birthday; one of those milestone birthdays that comes after 21 but before 30. On this 25th birthday, I am reminded of my tumultuous beginnings as a newborn baby. Born 12 weeks early, I was considered a miracle baby to many in my family as they looked upon […]

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Remembering to Trust God with a Newborn: One Week In

Tomorrow, Micah will officially be one week old. It’s amazing how much growth and change can happen in a week. While both my husband and I can benefit from a few endless hours of sleep, I count this week successful through the peaks and valleys of having a newborn. All week the peace of God […]

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We became parents this weekend. As I’m up getting used to this new lifestyle I can’t help but remember that it was God who blessed us with this gift to steward. I’m thankful, and looking forward to the joy of this journey. God keeps blessing, when you put Him first. Here’s to a testimony of […]

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